HandySSH on Android

How to use HandySSH on Android devices for controlling your AllStar node

Install HandySSH from the Play Store. Search for it specifically as “HandySSH”. No space between the and as it may not show up if you search for “Handy SSH”.


After installation, open the program to create a shortcut to your command.

This is an example. Make appropriate changes for your node.

Now you can touch the icon you added to your home screen and the command will be executed on your node!

Here are some other examples of friendly names and commands.

Friendly Name Command Description
D 29695 /usr/sbin/asterisk -rx “rpt fun 29503 *129695” Disconnects 29503 from 29695
R 29503 reboot Reboots 29503
RSA 29503 /usr/local/sbin/astres.sh Restarts Asterisk on 29503


Use your imagination to create other useful shortcuts.


Dynamic DNS notes

For me it is easier to use a DDNS name that resolves my node’s public IP address. You can certainly use the actual public IP address.

You will need to have your node’s SSH port forwarded on your router to your node. I indicated using port 222. This can be changed if you choose.

If your Android device is on the same network as your node, you will need to substitute the DDNS name or public IP address with your node’s local IP address. 192.168.x.x, 172.16.x.x, 10.0.x.x

Here is a site where you can get a free account and create up to five free dynamic DNS names. If you choose this one, be sure to log into your account at least once every six months or it will cease to work. To make it work again just log into your account to reactivate it.